Pinetown School

Our History

Pinetown Boys’ High School has been shaping the future of young men since its establishment in 1978 under the leadership of Mr. Nourse. Originally located on the site of the Cowies Hill Junior High School, we became a proudly multi-racial institution in 1991. This commitment to diversity has been reflected in our leadership, with Bonga Zulu (2005) and Youshen Naidoo (2011) making history as our first Black and Indian head boys, respectively. In 2005, in recognition of our campus’s flourishing indigenous tree population, the school was declared a Conservancy. We also honour our legacy through our Wall of Remembrance, built to remember learners and staff who have passed on. Each year, we pay tribute to them through a wreath-laying ceremony.

Our Philosophy

At Pinetown Boys’ High School, our passion is to see young men thrive in a holistic learning environment. Our philosophy is rooted in our motto: Fortiter in omne – Bravely into all things. This ethos guides our commitment to providing the best intellectual, physical, and social education possible. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to face the world with courage and tenacity.

Our Mission

Pinetown Boys’ High School is more than an educational institution – it’s a launchpad for future leaders. Our mission is to empower our learners to develop the confidence to embrace the challenges of their future. This vision is anchored in our core values of caring, respect, integrity, commitment, loyalty, and excellence. We strive to inculcate these values in our students, fostering a culture of resilience and respect that will guide them in their journey beyond our school walls.